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ServiceRadar | See those ConnectWise Tickets That Need Attention

August 13, 2013

Ever wished you could easily see at a glance see those ConnectWise tickets that needed attention now?

Let us show you how ServiceRadar a feature of our new Agent Console can make that a reality 

Check out the video below for a sneak peek and register your interest in finding out more by giving us your email at the end of the video. 

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Introducing ServiceRadar

ServiceRadar helps you quickly visualise and navigate all of the tickets open in your ConnectWise. This allows you to easily spot those that need attention now.



You can filter by Client, Board, Priority and Assigned Member to drill down on those tickets.



If you find one of interest it can be easily added to the list of open sessions (left column) of the Agent Console and investigated further. (Keep an eye out for more info on the new Agent Console coming very soon.)


This is certainly just the start for ServiceRadar, we have a lot of additional features in the pipeline, all designed to make it as easy as possible to find those tickets that need attention now, and give them that attention.

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