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Get Ready to Power up Your Service Delivery With DeskDirector

August 14, 2013

How do you make sure your staff have all the information needed to support your clients at their fingertips?

Let us show you how our new Agent Console can make that a reality and help make you look great in the process

Check out the video below for a sneak peek and register your interest in finding out more by giving us your email at the end of the video. 


Introducing the Agent Console

Get ready for DeskDirector's new Agent Console, it is going to be the best way to deliver support to your clients.

Building on DeskDirector's existing awesome chat solution the new Agent Console will allow you to;

Quickly add or "rack up" tickets that to a user friendly and intuitive session panel  


This can be either by

  • Adding them using the ticket number
  • Adding them via ServiceRadar
  • Automatically creating them from tickets scheduled that day
  • From an inbound chat from a DeskDirector client
  • From an inbound chat via your website (Coming soon as well)


Access Important information in a ribbon style interface

ServiceRadar Time 0 02 0617ServiceRadar Time 0 02 4110


Important information pulled in from ConnectWise and available at your fingertips about the person, company, ticket and computer. It's faster than ever to get to this information.

You can even access the actual ConnectWise web interface inside the console!!!

And this is just the start, we plan to add so many more things to make the experiance even better

Start a Chat with your client

ServiceRadar Time 0 03 0806

You will now be able to start a chat with your client. With the new client console coming very soon you will be able to see the presence of the contact on that ticket, and start a chat with them.

Equally if you just finished a chat with someone and just forgot that last question, why not just start another chat to get the answer, magic.

As always you can enter you time and also transfer this chat to another staff member.


A Platform for integrations

We are busy building the Agent Console to be a platform to allow for other integrations.

This will allow information and content to be pulled from places other than just ConnectWise. 

Watch this space

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