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DeskDirector's ScreenConnect Remote Control Integration

July 8, 2015

DeskDirector 15.1 is just days away and we thought we'd showcase just one of the many new features, ScreenConnect Remote Control Integration

Many of our partners are using the fast and powerful ScreenConnect today and it is one of our highly requested features. In this One Minute Wednesday we quickly show you how the integration works.

You will need to deploy DeskDirector 15.1 to clients for it to work and obviously have ScreenConnect installed there.

Have a great week!


Video transcript:

Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Now, we’re just days away from the release of our 15.1 version. So we thought we’d showcase one of the many features we’ve added and one of the highest requested features, and that’s integration with the remote control product ScreenConnect. Let’s check it out.  So here we are working a ticket in DeskDirector’s heads-up display. Clicking on the computer the person’s presently set at, you can see the Open ScreenConnect icon. Click on that. It’s going to take you straight to the remote control in the machine and hopefully helping that person out.  Now, to get this to work, you are going to have DeskDirector 15.1 installed on your client machines and obviously have ScreenConnect installed there as well. Head over to our Knowledge Base and search for ScreenConnect to learn more about how to set this up when you’re ready to go. But otherwise, have a fantastic week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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