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Things Break and Servers Go Down | What To Do?

July 1, 2015

We've all experienced it, things break, servers go down and the next thing you know all 200 staff at your client are trying to call or email in.

That's just one of the places where DeskDirector's System Notifications or Broadcasts can help.

In this One Minute Wednesday we explore how this works and discuss the great new features coming in 15.1. Have a great week!


Video transcript:

Hi, and welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Now, from time to time you want to be able to send messages to select clients or all of your clients about certain impacting events, and that’s where system notifications, or broadcasts come in. With DeskDirector’s broadcasts, you can send alerts to all or select clients. They are going to expire after a set period of time, or you can expire them early if the issue is resolved. And coming in our 15.1 version, you can also schedule them to go at certain times and also add a URL to send them to part of DeskDirector, or externally.  Let’s have a look at them in action.

On the installed version of DeskDirector, when the notification is triggered, it’ll appear from the side of the screen like an alert. It’s going to remain on screen until they acknowledge it. And if they are not at their desk, next time they fire up DeskDirector on their machine, it will appear. Coming over into the client, they can also see it from the front screen under the notification section. And when they go to request support, maybe to log a ticket, they will also see these as well. Therefore, cutting down on duplication

Those of our partners already using this feature are telling us it’s really helping them with communication and duplicate tickets when there is a large issue going on. They are also using it to pass on things like when the office is shut. As always, have a fantastic week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

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Phill Claxton

Written by Phill Claxton

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