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OMW - Announcing DeskDirector 15.1

July 16, 2015

DeskDirector 15.1 is here!

We are so excited to announce the release of our DeskDirector 15.1. The team have worked super hard on this one with many of the core components of DeskDirector re-written from the ground up based on partner requests.

Watch the video and read about the highlights below.


What's new in 15.1

Make the most of the brilliant new features we’ve added…

Vastly Improved Chat

  • DeskDirector’s shiny new chat engine has not only massively improved the reliability of chat, but it now allows you to achieve so much more.
  • Clients will now enter a queue when they request a chat giving your engineers the chance to select which chat to pick up.
  • You and your clients will now be able to access a full chat history on each ticket so there is no chance of any lost information.
  • Your staff will now be able to invite other staff into the chat room rather than simply transferring the chat to another staff member.
  • What’s more is that we plan to do a lot more work around the queueing functionality in order to give you more flexibility with inbound chat requests. As an example, we are going to give you the ability to create multiple queues to route chat requests based on a host of different factors so you can get those chat requests to the right person that much faster.
  • Learn more here

Better Broadcasts

  • Broadcasts were already awesome, but now you can send informational broadcasts (for non-urgent notifications), schedule a publish time and embed a link to useful resources. See how to get this going here. 

ScreenConnect Integration 

More Languages

  • The web version now supports German, Italian, and Japanese languages.

More info

Check out the Client Console changelog
Check out our Staff HUD changelog

Video transcript:

Hi, welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. Now we’re really excited here at DeskDirector to announce the release of our 15.1 version. The team have been working really hard and have essentially rewritten many of the core components of DeskDirector. But today we thought we’d share a few of the highlights and more obvious things that are coming in 15.1. Let’s have a look.

The first and most obvious change is with DeskDirector Chat. It now supports multiple users, multiple devices—always stores the chat history so it can be available to your team or your clients at any time. And also with chat queues you can better the flow of the flow of inbound chat. DeskDirector’s broadcasts have been updated as well with the ability to choose to send informational messages rather than critical ones. You can schedule these, and you can even include a URL which will take them to another website. And finally, we’ve integrated with ScreenConnect as we mentioned in last week’s video so your team can now remote control the client’s machines directly from the staff heads up display. There’s a huge amount more changes than that, and the best place to catch up is in the knowledge base and the change log section. It’ll take you through all the things that have changed in 15.1. DeskDirector existing partners: Look out for an email from us over the next couple of weeks letting you know we’ve enabled 15.1 for you, and you can download and install it. Otherwise, have a fantastic week, and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now. 

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