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Get DeskDirector Up and Running in Three Easy Steps

October 29, 2012

You can get DeskDirector up and running in three easy steps.

Step One - We send you some homework.

It should take your tech about 1-2 hours to:

  1. Fill out a form we give you and send it back to us. We need to know the name of your ConnectWise server, what server you want DeskDirector installed on, etc.
  2. Set up an Integrator log-on in ConnectWise.
  3. Send us your logo in PNG format and an Icon file so that we can brand the client installer for you

Step Two – We will install the DeskDirector server for you

  1. We will remote control to your server and install the DeskDirector Server software
  2. We will take you through setting up groups in ConnectWise (this is how you can control which customers get which features)

Step Three – Install on your customers' computers

  1. We will build a branded MSI file for you that knows where your servers are and install with your branding
  2. You can roll the MSI out just like any other program - using your RMM tools, Group Policy or manually installing. We will have built all the settings and branding into your own custom MSI.

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