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Top 7 Perks of a Help Desk ITSM Ticketing Service Support System

February 3, 2023

IT-related problems are estimated to impact the US economy to the tune of around $60 billion per year for software errors and around $140 billion per year for info/data security breaches. 1

So, how can organizations ensure that they’re effectively tackling IT issues quickly and cost-efficiently? 

Many have turned to ITSM ticketing service support systems to handle the processing, management, and resolution of ticket requests. 

Keep reading to learn the top 7 benefits of implementing ITSM service support for businesses of all sizes. 

What is an ITSM Ticketing Service Support System? 

ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) ticketing system support is software that allows organizations to manage, track, and resolve IT issues and requests, especially any related disruptions in IT services. The system is designed to streamline the process of handling IT-related incidents, problems, and service requests, making it easier for organizations to provide efficient and effective IT support.  

The Benefits of ITSM Ticketing System Support 

The main benefits of ITSM ticketing system support include: 

  1. Slash ticket resolution times: With an ITSM ticketing system, IT staff can quickly and easily track and manage incoming IT requests and incidents. This helps to reduce response times and improve overall IT service delivery. 
  2. Gain a clear visibility of ticketing metrics: ITSM ticketing systems provide detailed reporting and analytics, which can help organizations understand the types and frequency of IT issues they are experiencing. This information can be used to identify and address common problems, so less time is spent on simple fixes. 
  3. Increase team accountability: ITSM ticketing systems assign ownership of IT requests and incidents to specific individuals, which helps to ensure that issues are resolved in a timely manner. This can also help to promote accountability within the IT team. 
  4. Spend less and get more: With an ITSM ticketing system, organizations can automate processes, reduce errors, and minimize the need for manual labor, which can lead to major cost savings. They can also integrate with other tools, such as the Microsoft Power Automate ticketing system, for a cohesive tech stack. 
  5. Communicate and collaborate: ITSM ticketing systems provide a centralized location for all IT-related communication, which helps to improve communication and collaboration between IT staff, users, and other stakeholders. 
  6. Standardize service requests and processes: Standardized service requests ensure that all IT services are requested and tracked in the same way, which makes it easier for managers to monitor their operational performance and focus on improving their processes. It also helps with the documentation and tracking of standard operating procedures (SOPs). 
  7. Keep customers happy: A ticketing system will allow you to track customer issues, problems, and requests, so you'll be able to help them as quickly as possible. You can also automatically assign and route tickets to the right people, so users will get the help they need from the right person in a timely fashion.

ITSM Service Support System: The Conclusion 

Overall, ITSM ticketing system support is a valuable tool for organizations looking to improve their IT service delivery and support. By streamlining incident and request management, providing detailed reporting and analytics, and promoting accountability and communication, ITSM ticketing systems can help organizations of all sizes improve the quality and efficiency of their IT support. 

Looking for an online ITSM ticketing system that will streamline your IT and helpdesk operations?  Sign up to try DeskDirector! 

1 https://www.manageengine.com/products/service-desk/itsm/service-desk-quotes-statistics.html

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