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DeskDirector Learning - Over 100 Free Multimedia Courses & More

October 31, 2012

It is our goal for DeskDirector that it will help your customer relationships to be closer and go deeper.

Educating your customers in the tools they use daily is a great way place to start.

End user education is, for most of us, a huge gap in our services.

DeskDirector allows you to be the hero that solves that problem.

Over 100 Microsoft Office courses

Out of the box you wil be able to offer over 100 Microsoft Office lessons.

These high quality multimedia courses cover all Office products and all skill levels.

Your customers can select what they want to learn and when. They can pause and rewind whenever they wish.

Custom learning for each of your customers

In our experience, as soon as you show customers a great learning experience with Office, they make an obvious connection.

They will ask if they can have their own content on the system - the answer is Yes.

Users can record their own videos of their own systems and software.

You can upload the videos for them so they appear with  the other learning

To get them started we give away a copy of Fastone Capture software ($19 USD) and a free pair of Microsoft LifeChat LX3000 headsets (about $30 USD) to those  customers who want to trail the system.

They record lessons and you can upload them.

Usually the lesson scripts come straight out of a beautifully written but completely ignored user manual which makes everybody happy.

Have a look at the learning module

Heres a look at the module:


Lessons can be grouped. This time we have a group of Excel Lessons.

Users can filter by version to only see the lessons that apply to them.


This course is a series of lessons on Excel 2010 at the introductory / beginner level


There's many lessons in each course.

Your customers can stop and pick up later at their own pace.


You can create your own sections in learning that have your own courseware :


Here's three custom videos we have done at Lancom for our own internal systems>:


DeskDirector Free Demo

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