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Mapping the road in 2019 for the modern MSP

January 29, 2019


As we bid adieu to 2018, we have a glorious 2019 waiting for us. Like you, we planned for the year ahead and would love to share with you the upcoming improvements and releases to become a ‘modern MSP.’

Before we move forward, don't forget to catch our review of 2018 - talking about our improvements and releases. 

This year our focus is on making customer service even more effortless. Look out for automated processes with an easy one-time setup, better forms, and customized reports.

Automating forms

We help you automate processes with our custom forms. By the end of the first quarter, you will be able to feed forms into workflows. It will help you update ticket status automatically. It also opens a new channel of communication with your customers. You can directly reach out to them on the platform of their choice -Skype, Slack or Teams. The possibility of forms feeding into workflows is endless. It will put an end to the exchange of emails – making you a part of their team.  

New content system

Until now we have had an efficient content management system with hosted links, but now you or your marketing team can upload a PDF to the portal. All your educational material can be put to use with our new content platform. It is a simple drag and drop of the files, and if you want to automate the process, you can always use Flows making it easier and faster. It opens a whole new paradigm of communication for the modern MSP.

Reporting with Power BI

Your customers want to be aware of the progress of the ticket at all stages. The journey begins with setting the right expectations, moving on to meeting those expectations and lastly reporting the work progress. With DeskDirector you set the right expectations through custom forms, meet those expectations by automating the process with workflows and report the progress with the Power BI integration. Power BI is an interactive reporting dashboard which will live in the portal and give your customers the ability to look into all the metrics like – ticket resolution rate, no. of total tickets, etc. all in one place.

Introducing Dynamic portal

In 2019, we will be looking to make the portal as dynamic as possible. We can dynamically change the content, workflows, and reports. The dynamic portal is essential for the modern MSP’s customer success framework.

We have in store some exciting new releases this year and cannot wait for you to give the tools to become a ‘modern MSP.’ Customer service is important and always will be – don’t forget that your customers are your best promoters.


Warwick Eade

Written by Warwick Eade

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