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Stop Answering Phone Calls and Start Using The Chat

September 19, 2012


Customers hate it when technology let's them down.

Customers hate waiting on the phone. 

Ok, so your awesome service team is going sort the technology out in a timely fashion.

But if your customers, in that moment of truth, want to find out when and how that timely response will occur we make them phone us.

That puts your customer on the phone, subject to it's manifold pressures, at a time when you really want to make their life as effortless as possible.

Being on the phone makes a lot of work for your customer:

  • she cannot leave the phone until the call is over

  • she must give it (almost) all of her attention until the call is over

  • She may have to wait a minute or two while your call queue clears  (ouch!)

  • She will have to explain who she is when someone (finally) picks up

  • She will have to explain the technical problem and, if logged, the ticket reference 

  • She will feel obliged to fill in politeness and phone etiquette around all of the above

In short, waiting on the phone can be agony.

Why would she put her self through that?

Because she wants to know that that problem is under control - that some human at the other end has acknowledged the issue will be solved if not solved it straight away.

Chat gives that feeling of real-time response without any of the downsides:

  • she can walk away from chat anytime - no information is lost, the other end will be informed within a few seconds

  • she can work on other stuff during the chat - chat is built for inattentive communicating. 100% attention now, then 0% attention, then 100% attention again

  • Much less chance of not getting an engineer as engineers can handle multiple chats at a time. If there is a wait she can devote 100% of attention (or walk away) until the chat begins

  • DeskDirector will tell the engineer who your customer is. No explaining necessary.

  • Deskdirector will line up everything the engineer needs to know about the customer, configuration, ticket and more. The customer will have the DeskDirector ticket open in front of them for easy reference.

  • chat is built for direct, succinct exchanges. Get straight to the point.

There's plenty of other benefits for the engineers apart from less stressed customers.

  • DeskDirector Chat can leave a permanent record on the ConnectWise ticket. Internal notes or otherwise - you can choose.

  • DeskDirector Chat opens the ConnectWise ticket directly so that any ticket updating can be done straight away.

  • DeskDirector Chat will open a Labtech remote session for you straight from the ticket.

Chat is less stressful, better leveraged, more informed than calling while still achieving that real time response.

Better for customers, better for engineers, better for everybody.

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