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August 20, 2012

Sometimes your customers will want to discuss a ticket after it is closed.

This can be for a variety of reasons - maybe it took too long, was not the right result, or it went so well they want to do it again.

Before we got DeskDirector our customers would have to draft an email to follow up on a ticket. This forced them to start with a blank email, explain why they were emailing, reference the ticket itself and wait for a reply in what was often an already clogged Inbox. Most often this didn't happen and we ended up playing the memory game at the monthly meeting "There was something I wanted to discuss about this ticket ........ and I can't remember". 

DeskDirector makes reviewing a ticket effortless.

The customer can easily flag the ticket for review and an Activity will be created for the account manager to follow up.

The ticket below is a good example.

As you can see from the timeline it's a backup job logged  at 11am and completed by 8am the next day.


The customer would like to talk about making this an automated process so that it can occur regularly

They would like to discuss this at the next meeting.

They just click on Flag for review


And enter the reason for the review:


This will create an activity in ConnectWise for the customer's account manager.

The account manager will also get an email notification so that they can get on to this straight away if required

Like all DeskDirector features you can choose who sees the Flag for review button and who doesn't by adding and removing users from the appropriate ConnectWise group - in this case it would be the DD_Review group.

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