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Anatomy of a DeskDirector Ticket | DeskDirector Blog

August 7, 2012

Your customer can get to this screen quickly without having to remember a URL and and without having to log in.

Once your customer finds a ticket of interest there is a bunch of options.

What's going on?

The first questions that a customer is going to ask is what's been going on. "Has my issue been looked at and what has been done?".
We want to answer this question quickly and effortlessly.
The timeline view answers the first question effortlessly and the stylish layout of ticket entries the second. 

What can I do?

A key design goal of DeskDirector is to make your customers feel like they have some control on the process. Having great visibility is a start and once they have found out the status of the ticket there's a number of options available for them to communicate with you and your engineers.

Add a note

The most simply way to communicate is to add a note to the ticket. Every note added directly to a ticket is one or more emails avoided. Email is a great tool but it is a very poor way to keep track on t he progress of a ticket.

Flag for review

The customer can flag the ticket for review with you. They will be asked to add a note explaining what they want to discuss - maybe the process wasn't right or maybe they want to do more of this. The customer's  designated account representative will have an activity created in ConnectWise. That activity will have the explanation from the customer and will be linked to the ticket.

This feature is game changing for us. Too many times we went to a monthly meeting and the customer would remember they had an issue but could not remember what it was about. This made them feel stupid. Even if they got on to the issue straight away through email that would make them have to explain the ticket, the context and the issue. That correspondence would get buried in the Inbox


Sometimes a P3 is a P1 and we need to give our customers a way to communicate that instead of fuming over the phone or by email.

When a customer wants a ticket expedited they click on this button. They must give a reason why they want to FastTrack the item.

Choosing this option sets the ticket to a special FastTrack status so that your team and easily see and expedite.

Like all options on the ticket you can control who gets FastTrack option. If the customer is not in the DD_FastTrack ConnectWise group they never see this option.

Close a ticket

If you are like us your service boards are clogged with the status  "Complete but waiting client confirmation" where you think a ticket is resolved but you want customer confirmation. We thought why not make it easy for them to close the ticket themselves.


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