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New tickets should come with everything we know about the customer

August 6, 2012

We should know a lot about our customers from the machine they are logging the ticket from.

DeskDirector grabs all the available information and attaches it to the new ticket.

No more having to ask, "Who are you?" and "what is the computer you are working on?"

It should be effortless for the customer to categorise their request, add a screenshot if they wish, send in their machine configuration and full details.

If you put a service request through DeskDirector:

  1. We use portal data types so users can select the ticket type (New Employee, printer issue, email problem etc)
  2. There's a button that will grab screenshot, send it to your ConnectWise server and attach it to the ticket
  3. We will read the computer's machine name and use this to find the configuration and attach it to the new tickets
  4. We have already identified the user from their Active Directory session so there's no need to ask who they are.
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