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Why no log-in for DeskDirector is so important

July 30, 2012

The original code name for DeskDirector was 'The Lancom Button'. The vision was that a big, bright Lancom button would sit on all our users' desktops and if a user could get to that button they could get to all the services we had to offer. It should be effortless to log a ticket, check on the progress of a ticket or mark a ticket for review. Using our other services should be the same.


Making that experience effortless starts with avoiding the need to log in. Once you require a customer to remember a name/password pair you have lost the effortless feel. My own experience as customers of other customer portals was that remembering name/password pairs was hard and I only remembered a few. For Lancom, 95% of our end-users didn't use the customer portal. Too hard to get there, too hard to remember account details

We figured that almost all of our customers were securely logged into a Active Directory domain. If the customer is already authenticated by a security provider that's a lot stricter than us then why not trust that authentication. And there you have it - no log in. I will write a future technical piece on how we do it but in summary, if a user wants to access Company XYZ's tickets they will need to be logged into company XYZ's Active Directory.

We were able to keep the name 'Lancom Button' for our deployment of DeskDirector because DeskDirector can be branded.

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