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DeskDirector Consulting Part 2: Small Extensions

January 31, 2018



In the first video about consulting, we talked about configurations and how DeskDirector Consulting can help busy MSPs to configure different parts of DeskDirector to get the most benefit from it.

In this video Warwick will introduce you to another part of consulting - Small Extensions, watch it now!

Video transcript

“In the last video we talked about newly introduced DeskDirector Consulting and three paths to consulting.

  • The configuration for your DeskDirector Implementation
  • Small extensions that work just beyond the product and need a little bit of engineering
  • Large software projects

Today, I’d like to talk about small extensions, and like configurations, I’d like to do it by example.

In the last couple of months, we had a request from an MSP to restrict the access to DeskDirector server from DD Portal to certain IP addresses. This is the first time I remember hearing this request and it is very rare. It is certainly more restrictive than what I'd want to have for my MSP, but it is a legitimate request.

And this is something we will never write into the product. If we write all these little small extensions into the product we will be very very messy. But how we get it done for the customer? We will pass it to consulting, they can setup the range of IP addresses and maintain them for a small support fee around the product. Everybody is happy. So, that’s where we are going to see extensions.

So, we are going to say “yes” more often to you people and get exactly the kind of services and implementation that you want to have.

Thanks for listening, subscribe to our business blog and have a great day!”

To contact consulting, please get in touch through DeskDirector Support or write us an email to support at deskdirector.com with a subject: "Consulting" 

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Irina Kavchik

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