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DeskDirector Consulting Part 3: Large Software Projects

February 8, 2018

In the last two videos, we talked about configurations and small extensions within DeskDirector Consulting project.

In this video Warwick will introduce you to the 3rd part of DeskDirector Consulting: large software projects. As usual, he will give you an example of how this project worked well for another MSP. Watch it now!

Video transcript

"Hi, it’s Warwick from DeskDirector. In the last two videos we introduced DeskDirector Consulting. If you recall DeskDirector Consulting has three different flavours.

One is just configuration help to help you when you are a little bit stretched for resource and time. The second part was for engineering extensions, small little extensions like putting an IP filter around your DeskDirector server. So, we can extend the product without having to write software for it. Today, I’d like to introduce the 3rd part of that which is large software projects.

We have a lot of features in DeskDirector and a large pipeline of features coming up but if you are an MPS and you need a feature done, we will pass it to consulting to get it up the pipeline and get it out of the door in a month or quarter. Like the other two videos on consulting I’d like to do this by example.

So, up to Christmas, some of you will be aware that Rapidfire retired their email to ticket product, and a lot of people were caught short.

One of our advanced MSPs wanted to have all the rules replicated and could not do it with the connector they have with their PSA. So, they came to us, we had a back-log of months, months, months, and they could not get near it but consulting were able to pick it up and deliver it by Christmas with the happy result.

So, a good example, if you want a feature, and you want it badly enough, we can put you on a people that can write it into our product just for you.

Thanks for listening, subscribe to our business blog, and have a great day.”

To contact consulting, please get in touch through DeskDirector Support or write us an email to support at deskdirector.com

Irina Kavchik

Written by Irina Kavchik

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