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How to test if the ConnectWise API connection is working?

February 19, 2018

Here's an API tester you can find in the admin console. It is used for testing ConnectWise API in case you might have any connections issues. Watch this video to see how to do it. 

Video transcript

“Hey, it’s Warwick from DeskDirector, here’s a quick way to test to see if your ConnectWise API connection is working.

This test is just for ConnectWise, Autotask is cloud first as a single API and we don’t need this test.

You can run it for any ConnectWise instances in the cloud or on-premise.

The admin console has this built-in test, you need to go into the admin console and look for your server name - yourname.deskdirector.com/admin  

Then find the API Test option and click, you will see two options to test:

1.5, 2.0 which is for the SOAP API and the RESTful API

Let’s run the SOAP API, you got all bunch of blue and green, if you don’t see any red you are good to go.

If you run the RESTful API, the same thing should happen.

You only need one API to be working but it is better to have both working. Will explain that in another video.

Do this first if you have any uncertainties, this is the first thing we will do anyway if we get a ticket with data sync issues”.

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