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DeskDirector Consulting Part 1: Configurations 

January 18, 2018


At the end of last year we announced our new consulting services. This is different from DeskDirector Support which will remain the same across all our customers.

There are 3 types of consulting services that DeskDirector Consulting will provide:

Let's start with configurations.

To give you an example, we released DD Forms in September 2017, and in January 2018 less than half of our customers have used the feature. Even though it is in every edition of DeskDirector. The reason MSPs are not using it to its full potential, is that they don’t have the time or the resources to do that.

That’s exactly where consulting steps in. If you want to have your forms on DD Forms, let us know!

They can set up the forms in 3-4 hours for you, and you can see it running on your data, and they are good to go.

Remember that DD support stays the same as it always has been. When you send a ticket in, no one will ever charge you for that. If you want consulting, we will advice you on the pricing first and then you can make a further decision.

We will talk about other types of consulting in another blog post. Subscribe to keep an eye on it! 

To contact consulting, please get in touch through DeskDirector Support or write us an email to support at deskdirector.com

Irina Kavchik

Written by Irina Kavchik

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