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New Feature Release: DeskDirector Forms

Posted by Chris Le Sueur

Introducing DD Forms

For a managed service provider the back and forth of email and telephone can be ineffective and time-consuming. It can take days and many attempts to get the right information from the user. This can delay and frustrate timely resolution.

Customized Forms are a fantastic way to collect all the necessary information needed by asking right questions up front. So we are happy to announce DD Custom Forms - our own forms engine!  It's a native implementation living inside DeskDirector Portal as a first class citizen.

DeskDirector Forms

You can customize as many questions as you need to get the right information.

There's a number of different question formats available:

  • Short Text
  • Long Text
  • Multi-choice
  • Single choice
  • Date
  • Yes/No 
  • ... and more, see later in the post 

We have been using WuFoo as our customized forms tool but will not be offering that to new customers. WuFoo was a great way to get customized forms into the product at version 1.0 but it is the right time to part ways now for a number of reasons:

  • Wufoo was great but it wasn't a part of our UI, so it looked a unnatural inside our application. 
  • As a third party integration Wufoo was difficult to debug because the Forms processing was a black box to our application
  • WuFoo itself was sold to Survey Monkey five years ago and there hasn't been a lot of work on it since.
  • MSPs had to buy Wufoo separately (DD Forms is included in BaseCamp!)

There is a WuFoo to DD Forms conversion tool in the Admin Console. The conversion will not always be 100% but it will do most of the hard work of migrating. We will continue to support WuFoo for existing customers for the next year. 

So, you can start using DD Forms right now!* Navigate to the new “Forms” section inside your Admin Console to get started. Once you have some ready, you can get them out there by simply attaching them to a Request Type. 

*Available for everyone on DD Portal V2.

Form Features 

Conditional fields/sections


An important part of any form is validation of the users input. This can help ensure you get the correct input the first time. 
All of the fields support HTML5 validation where appropriate e.g. numbers are required to be integers and emails must be a valid email. 

Some of our fields also support more specific validation and custom error messages. This will be displayed to the end user, explaining why their answer isn’t quite what you are looking for.  

Custom validation message

Once a new ticket is created through a form, all answers will be presented in a Markdown format inside a ticket note. 

Short Text / Long Text 

Simple text input is supported, e.g. single line (short text) or multi line (long text). As well as, Custom Validation – Maximum length of the input.


Short text Long text


Multiple Choice

Allow your users to pick multiple options:

Multiple choice


Single Choice 

Allow your users to pick a single option:

Single choice


Useful to explain something to your users before they proceed. Can be used to break your form into various sections. 




Simple numerical input. Custom Validation – Equality/Inequality conditions.

Custom validation message

A date input

Users will be presented with an easy to use calendar: 

Date calendar


A standard short text input with Google auto-complete support. You can specify a country which google will use to prioritize suggestions.

Google auto-complete support

Email / Url 

Looks the same as short text field but with extra HTML5 input validation. 

Webhook for the form sumbission

Available on the web version. This allows you to run cusom forms to customize service when your clients submit a ticket. 

Copy of the form

If you want to create similar form you can know copy or clone the existing form.

 Check our knowledgebase for more info on DD Forms. 

Please note that DD Forms only available on DD Portal V2.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions in the comment section below!

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