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Best Practice: Keep Things Organized and Achieve More with Tags

March 4, 2020

DeskDirector tags are pretty neat. Currently, you can make use of 3 different types:

  • category tags
  • filtering tags
  • group tags

category tags

There are several entities you can add tags to:

  • Contact
  • Company
  • Request Types
  • Forms
  • Tickets

Which means that you are free to come up with your own category tags (i.e. type tags for your contacts, location tags for your companies, and descriptive tags for your RTs) you will create an organized and well oiled back end.

Now, the very cool thing that our DeskDirector server does for you is to combine all the existing tags into the resulting ticket every time one of your end users logs a ticket through your portal.

e.g. contact has vip, company has auckland, request type has portal and forms has permissions, then the new ticket will have vip auckland portal permissions tags assigned to it upon its creation.

Remember, when your techs are working in DD Tech they can see tags at a glance, and they will also be able to filter by tags. So, effectively, creating appropriate tags for your MSP and your team will help you speed up the workload and make sure that the right tickets go to the right people in zero time.

Filtering Tags

This is the natural consequence of everything you can achieve with the category tags functionality that you just read about. Whether you're in DD Tech or inside your Admin Console, you can easily search through your lists to speed up the whole process. Whether you're sorting out Contacts, Companies, RT / Forms, or client Tickets, we have your back covered.

It's all intuitive, we've designed it carefully for you to just use it without having to think about it.

Group Tags

This is a separate concept altogether that shares the same mechanics (tags) as the rest, however it's a completely different function.

Group Tag Mechanics

Group tags must be created using the following rule, no exceptions: group- prefix + group tag, i..e. group-hr. Group tag can be added to Contacts, Request Types, and Forms.

It's important to note that upon ticket creation, Tickets will inherit tags from RT and Forms, but it won't inherit tags from Contact.

Group Tag Function

When a Contact has, say, group-hr tag, they will be able to see any ticket that's marked as group-hr and belong to their company.

A typical use case is an Approver with the group tag group-hr who will be only able to see tickets that require approval with the same group tag applied to it.

If a user has permission to see all tickets, that will override the group tag rule because of its hierarchical seniority.

If a user has permission to see all tickets and is also an Approver. then they will be able to see all tickets, but only group-hr tickets will be displayed inside their approval list.
Clever, huh?
That's it for now folks! Until next time.
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Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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