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5 Reasons to Use Tasks Lists on Every IT Ticket

March 29, 2024

IT tickets are like target destinations – but how do you actually reach the location? 

The answer is through a series of “subtasks” which ultimately resolve the issue – and which your techs must recall while they work. But this creates a heavy “cognitive load” which research finds can lower performance and decrease productivity. 

The best solution is to automatically attach task lists to each ticket in order to lessen the load and allow your techs to focus on the needs at hand. This blog explains what task lists are and explores how they can help your IT help desk be more productive and deliver better, more efficient service.  

Readers can expect to learn how: 

  • Task lists accelerate ticketing resolutions 
  • End-users benefit from task lists 
  • Task lists reduce human error in your ticketing system 

What is a Task List? 

A task list is essentially a checklist for tasks related to a ticket. This could include requesting approvals, sending the end-user a notification or specific actions related to a particular request type. Each list consists of a series of tasks, each featuring a title and a description: 


How to Use Task Lists in DeskDirector 

DeskDirector enables you to build task list templates which can either be automatically added to certain request types or manually added to specific tickets via the tech portal. These lists can then be viewed and edited from within the ticket to which they are attached. 

Both end-users and techs can view: 

  • The task list summary, which states how many of the task have been completed 
  • The task list history which shows which tasks have been completed and which user last modified the task list 

5 Ways Task Lists Improve Your Ticketing System 

1. Standardize Service 

Techs often have their own way of approaching issues, based on their past experiences or personal preferences. This can create inconsistencies in the way tickets are handled and ultimately the service your IT help desk delivers. 

Tasks lists ensure every tech undertakes the same set of tasks for specific ticket types – reducing variability and ultimately giving end-users confidence in the ticketing system. 

2. Reduce Human Error 

A natural result of variation between techs is the risk of human error. Whether techs forget to complete a task or simply don’t realize it is necessary, the result is issues may take longer to resolve – harming your organization’s productivity in the process. 

Task lists remind techs about everything they need to do and give them a simple way to... 

3. Track Ticketing Progress 

Task lists allow your team to see which tasks have been completed, when and by who. This provides two essential functions: 

  1. It helps end-users track ticket progress and feel reassured that their issue is being dealt with appropriately and in a timely fashion 
  2. It provides other techs with a quick view of the outstanding tasks related to the ticket, which can be used to... 
  3. Enhance Collaboration 

Individual tickets may not be completed by the same tech, which can create friction when the tasks are passed on to a colleague without all the required context. But with task lists, techs can markup tickets and add extra notes to explain their thinking, leave helpful reminders and ensure the same task is not duplicated. 

The result? Collaboration is easier and your help desk is able to... 

4. Save Time and Effort 

DeskDirector enable your team to create task list templates and automate which lists are attached to specific request types. Whenever a particular kind of ticket is issued, the relevant task list is included – reducing manual effort, ensuring consistency and ultimately accelerating ticketing resolution.  

Equally, your team can create standard templates that will then be attached to specific tickets whenever they become relevant. For example, you might create a task list that walks techs through the process of resetting email passwords. This can then be easily attached to any ticket that reports an employee has been locked out of their email account. 

Automate Task Lists and Accelerate Ticketing with DeskDirector 

From automated task lists to exclusive integrations, DeskDirector makes IT ticketing seamless – so your techs can focus on resolving issues more efficiently. Our all-in-one solution empowers your team to resolve tickets 4x faster and has been proven to produce a 20% increase in ticketing adoption. 

Want to see it for yourself? 

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