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5 Cool New Features Just Added | DeskDirector

July 28, 2015


The team have been busy adding some small but great new features to DeskDirector, all of which are from partner requests.

These are now live for all partners and can be used today.

1. Wufoo Form Summary

You can now have fields in your Wufoo form become the summary of the ticket in your PSA.

You can even use several fields to make up the summary. Head to this article to learn how to set this up.

2. Wufoo Forms Helper Pages

Not only have we added the new summary option, but a new helper page in the Admin Console.

  • If you go to Integrations\Wufoo you should see a new Forms button there.
  • Click on that to explore your Wufoo forms, see the URL and Redirect URL you should be using
  • Also check that the DDMETA field is working and what dd-summary fields are configured

Hopefully this will help you with the setup and monitoring of your forms in Wufoo.

3. Reopen Tickets (Requires Client 15.1)

Now you can allow clients to Reopen tickets. Clients no longer have to log a new ticket or email you to reopen tickets if an issue reoccurs, they can just hit Reopen.

Head to this article to learn how to set this up.

4. Exclude Statuses from Ticket Notifications

We heard you loud and clear on this one. You move tickets often to statuses you don't need to notify clients about. So now you can exclude these.

Simply add the statuses you want to exclude to the new Ticket Notification Status Exception section of the Notifications page in the Admin Console.

Be sure to use the exact name, some partners add special characters to the end of their names, make sure you do the same here.

5. Add Any Page to Request Support

For those of you who like to think creatively, you can now have the portal/request types take clients to any webpage. That way you aren't restricted to just showing a Wufoo form, you could show another form, show a status page, take them to a client specific helper page, whatever you want.

Keep in mind for this to work in DeskDirector Web the page will need to support HTTPS otherwise the client will get a security warning.

To use this now, all you need to do is add the URL to the description field of your ConnectWise Portal Type. For Autotask partners just change the Form URL in the Admin Console to any HTTPS page.

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