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3 Ways Innovation Changed the Landscape of ITSM in 2023

November 15, 2023

At the start of 2023, many organizations expressed concern about their ITSM capabilities. 48% of IT leaders said their service desk needed improving, and nearly two-thirds felt their overall IT user experience (UX) was not up to scratch. 

Since then, we have seen a range of innovations shake up the technology landscape. But how do these changes impact ITSM? And what can IT leaders do to improve their organizations in the coming year? 

Read on for the answers to these questions and more insight into how you can streamline your operations leveraging some of the latest IT innovations. 

3 Key ITSM Innovations From 2023

1. Generative AI

Generative AI was not invented in 2023, but it certainly shot into the public imagination this year. Products like ChatGPT and DALL-E proved capable of producing relatively high-quality text and images from simple prompts, leading 80% of CEOs to claim the technology would disrupt their industry in the coming year. 

G2 argues that generative AI could revolutionize ITSM, enabling organizations to “overcome communication gaps, reduce TTL for services, automate manual tasks, optimize resource utilization, enable real-time incident management, and establish centralized knowledge management.”  

However, these benefits will not be realized overnight. IT leaders will need to find the right technology partners to ensure their systems’ foundations are solid enough to integrate generative AI without creating unnecessary risks - such as ChatGPT’s well-known tendency to “hallucinate”. And that is where this year’s other key ITSM innovations come into play.

2. Enhanced Self-Service Models 

The business case for ITSM self-service models is clear: if end-users have an easily accessible collection of educational resources, they are empowered to resolve issues for themselves and therefore are less likely to call upon techs for support. This reduces demand in your ticketing system so that techs have more time to focus on urgent issues and don’t end up overwhelmed with simple, tedious requests.  

However, few organizations have realized such a system. While over two-thirds of organizations had adopted some form of IT self-service knowledge base by the end of 2022, 71% of them felt it needed to be improved. The subsequent year has seen many organizations solve this problem with innovations from DeskDirector. 

Automated feedback mechanisms have enabled end-users to flag issues and rate their experience of the system. This allows techs to refine the knowledge base and system design, making sure the content is fresh and meets end-users’ changing requirements. Ultimately, this has helped many organizations take the self-service model from a nice idea to a key part of their IT ecosystem.

3. Deeper Ticketing Integration

According to a recent study, integrating ITSM systems within existing business software produced benefits such as improved response to failures (41%), increased collaboration among teams (38%) and lower IT operations costs (35%). And in 2023, several new solutions have enabled organizations to deepen their ITSM integration.   

DeskDirector’s partnership with Microsoft is particularly noteworthy. Ticketing can now be done directly through the software your employees use every day, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This removes friction from the process, creating a faster and smoother experience for end-users. 

What Does this Mean for 2024?  

Taken together, these innovations outline a clear path for IT teams in 2024. By embracing automation and deeper system integration, leaders will be able to significantly improve the daily experience of both their end-users and techs. The resulting system will be more efficient and effective, helping your department become a key driver of success in 2024. 

Transform Your Organization in 2024 with DeskDirector 

At DeskDirector, we believe innovation is the best way to improve ITSM systems. But we also believe innovation should be easy to access for every organization.  

That’s why we’ve built our software solutions not just based on innovative technology, but a deep understanding of user experience (UX). Our software harnesses exciting technology while making life easier for your techs and end-users - producing a 20% increase in ticketing adoption and accelerating ticket resolution by 400%. 

Want to deliver similar results for your organizations in 2024? 

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