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Ready to Roll Out: Are you all set?


Hi there,

We trust you're having a positive experience with your Portal, and you've had some time to tackle the Fundamentals.


The Roll Out Checklist

Here's a Checklist that you can use to make sure you have all the basics right so you can introduce your Portal to your clients:


  • you have identified a default board and a default source in your Admin Console;
    System > Feature Configuration > Defaults
  • you have set up email responses from your PSA/DD;
  • you are happy with your Portal's branding;
    • Check logo files and theme colours for web version in
      Portal > Settings > Profile
    • Check logo files and theme colours for desktop version in
      Portal > Settings > Desktop Installer
    • Check the webpage title in
      System > General Configuration > Web Page
  • you have set the appropriate global permissions;
    Portal > Settings > Features, Tickets, Permissions
  • you are satisfied with your initial Request Types;
    that's part of your Service Catalog task of the Fundamentals
  • you have at least 1 Form used in your existing Request Types;
    that's part of your Service Catalog task of the Fundamentals


End User (aka your clients) Onboarding

Oh, one last thing! I've prepared a little white labelled PowerPoint presentation (bless PP!) that you can customize and add to your portal as, for example, a landing page, to help you onboarding your users and get them up to speed on using the Portal.


End User Onboarding


Here's how you create a new Menu Item and use it the Portal's landing page!


Additional Resources

In case you're having difficulties with navigating the Admin Console or you're not sure how to configure your Portal the way you want to, don't forget that you can always access our KB articles.

Should that not be enough, feel free to jump on our DD Portal and raise a ticket with the support team - one of us will be able to help you out! 

Another great source of inspiration and information is our blog. Make sure you check that out, and don't forget to subscribe, we write useful stuff! 😄