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Get your Portal clients ready with the Fundamentals


Hi there,

We hope that the implementation process has been going smoothly and you successfully logged in your instance.

Now that everything is ready, you can easily go through this simple list and set your Portal up so it's clients ready.


Before we begin




The Toolbox is a landing page for you to get access to the DD Portal, the Admin Console, and DD Tech.


The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals are the best way to be sure your Portal is client ready. With these pieces in place you will have the perfect platform to launch Learning Center, Self Help, Approvals, DD Tech, Chat & Broadcast, Notebook Publishing... all the DeskDirector goodness.

  • Stand-up
  • Sync-up
  • Service Catalog



is where you tell us all the key information to build a server just for you. We will need your PSA hostname, API keys, branding assets. You will be guided through how to collect and share this information with us. Ideally you want to complete your part in Stand-up within minutes from signing. If you need to go away to be sure about something (e.g. branding) be sure to get back to us ASAP. This will stop the process at the beginning and wastes all the sign-on energy you have!



is all our work. We will bring across your customers, contacts, agreements board and queues into the system. During this time you can log on and start thinking about your Service Catalog.


Service Catalog

is the collection of Request types and Forms that you present to users. You will need at least one.

Whatever request types you choose you will need to map these to the boards/queues, service types/sub-types in your PSA. We also advise you to get at least one of your own Forms out (8000 others have been created, it's definitely achievable!).

As a general rule we advise you to start easy and evolve the system as you see what works, the Portal always has the "Something Else" support option (if you want it turned off, go to Portal > Settings > Features tab ) so your clients can still log a support ticket even if there's no request type set up yet.

Read more on how to create a great Service Catalog here.