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Your last windows client deployment, ever.

April 1, 2016

...well, almost ever.

Finding the time and resources to keep DeskDirector up-to-date can be difficult. But it doesn't have to be.

In an earlier post, we discussed Electron, the framework used to build the new client.

A key feature of this client is the ability to auto-update, removing the need to redeploy for the latest version.

We will take a look at how this all works and what is involved for you and your customers.


Once you have deployed the new client to your customers, all future updates are installed by us.

This means you can remain up-to-date with zero effort.

Here are some details on the deployment process and update mechanism.


We wanted the deployment and update process to be as easy as possible.

The installer:

  • Is .NET Framework friendly
  • Does not need elevated privileges
  • Does not need a reboot
  • Available in .exe and .msi formats

You can use your RMM tool to silently install either the exe or msi.

The msi is suitable for installation through Group Policy and the user will have it installed on next Login.

To ensure permission for all types of users, the install location is the user's application data directory, i.e. %LocalAppData%


Automatic updates

It is important that updates occur without interrupting the end user.

The update process is as follows:

  • The client console will periodically check for updates via. our dedicated update server.
  • If an update is available, it will download securely over SSL.
  • The update will install itself without interrupting the user and update any application shortcuts.
  • The next time the user logs in or restarts the application they will be running the updated version.


Try it out!

We are close to releasing the new client, but sign up here if you would like to try it early!

DeskDirector Free Demo

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