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Wufoo Integration- the Renowned HTML Form Building Application

April 11, 2014


We are really excited to announce we are taking DeskDirector to the next level by adding integration with Wufoo.

This integration provides yet another layer of value added service to DeskDirector as partners can now easily create and add customizable forms to DeskDirector, which either create service tickets or sales opportunities in ConnectWise.

The entire team here at DeskDirector are really pumped to be bringing this feature to the DeskDirector community, especially as many of our partners have asked for us to integrate with Wufoo. Not only can our partners now ensure their clients provide them with all the information their team needs to work more efficiently, but the flexibility these forms give will allow them to provide an innovative customer service experience, which is paramount.

By integrating DeskDirector with Wufoo, partners now have a way to easily deliver forms for their clients to complete. These forms are automatically and seamlessly logged into their ConnectWise system as either service tickets or as sales opportunities.

With the flexibility these forms give change requests, support requests and new equipment requests can all easily be handled. Technical staff will be more productive as the information they need to effectively complete requests can be captured in the form through required fields.


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