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Work From Anywhere

March 25, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve. You and your customers will want your people to work from home effectively. Many are working from home already.

DeskDirector has solutions and tools to help you, your team, and customers 'work from anywhere' effectively - including from home.


We created a Work From Anywhere Support Center page to help.

We will keep updating and enriching with tools to help you succeed during these unprecedented times. We added it to our support portal menu and your DD Admin Console to keep it 100% accessible at all times.

We are doing our best to keep it practical and relevant: we know you are busy and everyone's priorities have shifted without warning.


Our first focus is:

  • PREPAREDNESS SURVEY, designed to take away the pain of setting up the basics to assess your users' readiness to work from home
  • USING DD TECH TO WORK FROM HOME, to help you set up your techs to succeed. Learn more about the tool that allows you to work anywhere, anytime.


Again, we are working around the clock to ensure we do all we can to empower you and set you up in no time.

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Warwick Eade

Written by Warwick Eade