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When and How to Leverage Ticket Fan-outs in DeskDirector

May 7, 2024

Imagine ordering coffee from the same barista for five years and they still haven’t learned your order. 

It’d be hard to feel “recognized” or “valued”, right? 

Well, that’s exactly the situation your techs are in when they’re forced to manually create the same set of tickets over and again. From employee onboarding to purchasing new IT equipment, techs are expected to build routine processes from scratch.  

But this doesn’t only adversely affect techs - it also leads to errors and inefficiencies that impact both end-users and organizational efficiency. And that is why DeskDirector’s ticket fan-outs are such a valuable tool to improve your organization’s business processes. 

What are Ticket Fan-outs? 

Ticket fan-outs are a core part of DeskDirector’s unique automation features. They allow you to group multiple related tickets together so that a single trigger will open the relevant tickets and assign them to the right people. 

Take employee onboarding: the process involves multiple different tasks, from compliance training and IT configuration to setting the new hire up in payroll. With ticket fan-outs, your system can automatically create and assign tickets for all of these tasks based on a single trigger. 

The result is a standardized process that is both highly consistent and easy to implement. Techs don’t need to consult documented protocols or fret about remembering anything; they simply follow the tickets your system has opened for them.  


3 Ways Ticket Fan-outs Benefit Your Business

1. Improved employee experience

Employee experience is a growing challenge for IT organizations. Recent surveys found that techs are often frustrated with their work: 88% expect their job to get harder in the next year, while 7 out of 10 feel their efforts are not sufficiently recognized. 

Ticket fan-outs help create smoother, more reliable processes that make life easier for techs. They spend less time manually configuring tickets and navigating protocols, and more time doing productive work. 

2. Increased efficiency

The speed and efficiency of your ticketing system has a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line. If the marketing department needs a new monitor, for example, getting it to them faster will minimize disruptions and ensure they are able to be more productive. 

Ticket fan-outs streamline these processes by removing manual tasks and automatically routing tickets to get approvals more quickly. As a result, DeskDirector helps organizations resolve tickets 400% more quickly. 

3. Enhanced consistency

Many business processes involve a large number of discrete tasks. Opening tickets for each task manually creates room for human error, which means important tasks are either delayed or simply left undone. 

This creates two problems: 

  • End-user experience is inconsistent, which decreases trust 
  • Costly errors and compliance issues can easily arise 

Ticket fan-outs enable you to build and repeat processes with ease. This consistency has been linked with 2x higher end-user satisfaction, which also translates into increased trust in your ticket system. In fact, DeskDirector has proven to increase ticketing adoption by 20%. 

Want to Build a More Reliable, Streamlined Ticketing System? 

DeskDirector’s ticket fan-outs are part of a suite of automation features that make tickets easier to manage, faster to resolve and more satisfying for all parties.  

If you’d like to see ticket fan-outs in action, our quick webinar helps put everything in context. And if you’d like to experience this and many other exclusive automation features first-hand… 

Request a Demo 

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