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What does a great customer experience look like?

December 10, 2020

Customer Experience includes anything that can leave an impression on a customer. As an MSP, most of the interactions that shape the experience for your customers happen at the helpdesk level with your IT helpdesk ticketing system.


A great customer experience is often expensive and hard to achieve. Gartner says:

"Customer service and support leaders must build modern strategies and invest in a range of evolving technologies to continue to deliver tailored, high-quality service experience when and where customers need them, and without breaking the bank. Instead of struggling to delight customers, create low-effort customer service experiences."


(Source: Gensys)

Arming your techs with the right service experience and automation tools is a crucial cog in your customer experience machine. It ensures you are providing the highest quality of service in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

So, how does focusing on Customer Experience help your MSP?

  • You can use it to differentiate yourself from your competitors and leverage what you offer to win new clients
  • Exceptional service increases the likelihood of customer retention and contract renewals
  • It helps generate positive word of mouth, one of the most effective channels of marketing for your business
  • Smooth and efficient customer interactions help you better manage and protect both your margins and the valuable time of your technicians

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Chelsea Parsons

Written by Chelsea Parsons