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Use Custom Tabs to Add Integrations to the Agent Console

November 12, 2013

The DeskDirector agent console can easily be configured to show information straight out of your knowledgebase/wiki and other Connectwise integration partners.

The heads-up-display in the Agent Console gives your a wealth of information at hand to help in working a ticket. The tech should know about the ticket, the customer, the contact and their history. DeskDirector will collect and present a lot of that information directly out of the box


 DD - Hud Info

But what if you want to bring some of your own information from your own knowledgebase or wiki.

Now you can with Agent Console Custom Tabs

– here’s an example.

An MSP keeps a site log in Sharepoint and each customer’s sitelog has the URL of the following format


DD - Web based Intranet in Chrome



If you want this page to automatically appear in a tab against each ticket there are just two steps:

-          Go into the managetabs section of your DeskDirector admin console

-     Add a section called 'Knowledgebase' with this format http://intranet/engwiki/Pages/[companyid].aspx


DD  - Managetabs

 It is that easy!

Now, whenever you bring up a ticket in the agent console, an extra tab appears called ‘Knowledgebase’ and it points to the knowledgebase page for that client.

DD - An extra tab Content



There are 16 different tokens you can use to customise the cvalling URL.

You can also feed this information into a cookie if that's teh way the receiving page requires it.

[memberid], [computername], [contactfirstname], [contactlastname] etc.

Customise tabs for other Connectwise Integrations

We can extend this idea to other applications and Connectwise integrations.

We already have a baked-in integration to Connectwise on the Connectwise tab. A full web version of Connectwise is opened at that particular ticket.

We are talking to all the other leading Connectwise partners and will bring you many other “precooked” integrations very soon. (Of course, there's nothing stopping you doing your own)

Feel free to let us know the ones that you would like to see.

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