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New features for Orlando

November 12, 2013

We’re most excited about talking to you in Orlando about two new features

  1. Presence
  2. Integrations


With the latest 13.2.1 release your techs will always know when their customer is at their desk. If they are at their desk, your tech can request a chat session with customer form a ticket. If the customer says yes, desk Director fires up at the ticket for the customer. Both tech and customer can see all the ticket information, chat easily and get the job done


We always get asked, “Can I run Brightgauge, Connectsmart, Client Heartbeat etc, etc from DeskDirector”. The answer is now is Yes!

If you want your techs to have a Client Heartbeat tab showing all the latest CSAT surveys from this customer you can easily set this up from the admin portal.

As long as the integrating application follows the following rules, we can have it running inside DeskDirector

Rule 1: It is an HTML application that run’s OK in Chrome

Rule 2: It can take configuration information (e.g. Customer Name) as a parameter in the URL or as part of a Cookie or both 

This makes the opportunities for integrations limitless including any custom homebrew pages you might have developed.

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