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Product Release: new, improved look for DD Tech

February 17, 2020

what's new in dd tech

With the latest DD Tech release we've dramatically improved the overall UX/UI, taking on board lots of the user voice feedback received from DeskDirector's users.

at a glance

We've given the Tickets tab a higher importance, putting it at the very top of the left-hand menu to match the landing experience.

The ticket list is now tidier and packed with the relevant information the engineers will want to see at a glance, including the date the ticket is opened (or created), obviously the ticket title/subject/summary, the assigned engineers, the request type's priority, the tags if there's any, and the latest note.


Here's a thorough list of everything we've added or improved with this latest product release.

newly added functionalities

  • New ticket list interface
  • Tags display in ticket list interface
  • Last note display in ticket list interface
  • Allow click company, tag or assigned member from ticket list to filter them
  • Tag filtering in ticket list interface
  • Shortcut in assigned technician filtering to allow easy select
  • Refresh button now above the ticket list

improved functionalities

  • Display assigned member's avatar
  • Ticket age now displays an easier to read text. The hover tooltip can display actual time
  • Tag and company ticket filtering now in advanced filter
  • Ticket order naming improvement, now easier to understand
  • Board and status facet visual improved
  • New ticket now moved from side menu to ticket list, next to the Refresh button
  • Ticket list now supported on all device sizes, including mobile and tablet
  • Pagination no longer blocks ticket list view. It also scrolls to top after pagination
  • Ticket detail page now displays ticket information in small devices, such as phone or tablet



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Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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