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Vendor API | For HTML/Javascript Application | DeskDirector

November 12, 2013

If you have written a Connectwise integration there is a great opportunity to take advantage of DeskDirector’s extensibility to make your app

- run better

- get used more

- increase your revenues.

Your application can sit inside DeskDirector avoiding the need to write a portal around your application.

Logging in is automated by DeskDirector

You need to be an HTML/Javascript (i.e. browser based) application that can take data and/or instructions as URL parameters or in a cookie passed in.

You will use the same extensibility points and admin consoles that end-user companies can use to deploy their own custom extensions for techs and end-users.

If you are a popular extensions, talk to us, and we can bake those options right into DeskDirector and make the integration seamless.

We have over 10 tokens than can be passed in to your application this way. We would be happy to create more if requested.

This is a great opportunity to create a simple one-click access point for all the Connectwise extensions yow have deployed.

Contact us today to get all the help you need to get your application running under the best customer portal for Connectwise.




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