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Cool Chat Queue Uses | Inbound Chat Requests From Clients

September 23, 2015


In this One Minute Wednesday we explore a couple of additional and cool use cases for DeskDirector's new Chat Queues feature.

This includes the ability to have inbound chat requests from clients actually go to their IT department. That way based on the type of request their team could be the best to address the problem.

This functionality could allow you to appeal even more to these teams, and gives you even more flexibility.

Check out the video and head here to learn more about setting up Chat Queues.


Video transcript:
Hi, and welcome to another One Minute Wednesday. As you may well know, recently we released Chat Queues which allows you to target in-bound chat with specific members of your team. But there’s another use case that we discovered recently that you should check out. Let’s have a look. When you’re configuring chat queues instead of inbound chat requests coming to your team, it could go to an onsite IT person at the client. That person could always invite a member of your team if it’s appropriate, but that way, based on the type of request, it could be directed to a more appropriate person. The other option here is it could also come inbound to a remote team you have or an outsourced team you have as well, based on the type of request. Let’s have a quick reminder on how you set the Chat Queues up. To set up Chat Queues, from the admin console, head to Configuration, DeskDirector Labs and select Chat Queues. From here you can edit the default queue as well as adding additional queues that are either company or ticket board or queue specific. The indicator on the left-hand side will show you whether this queue is active or not. Now, once done, remember to return to the DeskDirector Labs screen and then enable the Chat Queues function and hit Save. I hope you found that useful. Obviously, in Autotask you are going to have a user license for these people or in ConnectWise, at least a streamline IT license for them. Head over to the knowledge base at kb.deskdirector.com to learn more about setting up Chat Queues and as always, make sure you have a fantastic week and we’ll see you next time. Bye for now!

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