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Best Practice: Setting Permissions for your Portal

September 25, 2019

DeskDirector comes with a powerful list of tools and features that you can enable and configure from your Admin Console - from Request Types to Chat, Branding and the Learning Center (any much more!), you have the power to customize your Portal experience to suit you and your end users.

Here's a brief overview of all the aspects you need to take into consideration whenever setting permissions for your portal:

  1. Enable the Feature
  2. Set Global Permissions
  3. Set Company Permissions
  4. Set Contact Permissions

The best practice checklist you can follow to ensure you set permissions correctly - and keep track of them - is the following.

→ Do I have this feature available in my subscription type?
Most permissions are available to you no matter the type of subscription you have, so you don't need to worry about it. In some cases (for example the Chat option) you will need check you have added the Add-On Components page in your Admin Console /admin/v2/account/components

→ Do I want this Feature to be available to all end users, or just a selected few?
Now this is where things get interesting as you will need to check different things depending on what the answer to this question is.

→ Available to all end users (Global) ♥ RECOMMENDED ♥
Go ahead and tick the Feature under Portal > Permissions

→ Available to some companies
Go ahead and tick the Feature under Companies > Permissions. Make sure you toggle "Override global permission settings" on first, or it won't let you select the feature.

→ Available to some contacts
Go ahead and tick the Feature under Contact > Permissions. Make sure you toggle "Override global permission settings" on first, or it won't let you select the feature.

Best practice is always to set things at a global level first and carefully add exceptions – you will need to keep track of those as at the moment we don’t have the “RESET to Global Settings” button to clean up the company/contacts settings.

As always, let the DD team know if you are unsure about anything - we're always here to help you!


Until next time!

Serena Cappellini
Customer Success Manager

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Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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