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4 Reasons You Need to Upgrade from a ConnectWise Client Portal

May 25, 2021

ConnectWise, the leading professional services automation (PSA) software in the MSP market, is a crucial component of many IT businesses, but its client portal capabilities are limited. Pairing ConnectWise, or any other PSA, with a versatile, easy-to-use client portal tool will help you get the most out of the software and deliver better service to your clients. 

From saving you up to 1 hour per tech per day to increasing client loyalty and engagement, we've got a lengthy list of reasons why investing in a client portal that works with a PSA, such as ConnectWise or Datto AutoTask, can dramatically impact your bottom line. 

Let's dive in, shall we? 

1) Save time and increase productivity with centralized communication 

While the ConnectWise customer portal, and other PSA client portals, enable clients to submit tickets, they don't offer a service catalog, forms or any form of real-time communication. As a result, users resort to using email and phone, creating a great deal of back and forth.  

Client portal software helps eliminate that using features like: 

  • Inline forms to more efficiently gather all the information techs need to work on a ticket, 
  • Chat functions that allow users to chat in real-time with techs to get quick answers and avoid opening a new ticket 
  • Personalized, customized email notifications containing ticket status updates or deep links  

With these features, tickets can be created assigned and solved in a fraction of the time it usually takeswhile customers can be continuously kept customers in the loop. Our point? Centralized communication saves time and increases productivity. 

2) Empower your clients, build loyalty and solve issues faster with training 

Effective client portal software makes training easier than ever.  

Tools like learning centers and resource libraries help with client training and give them constant access to FAQs, how-to videos and more.  

Searchable knowledge bases empower clients to answer their own questions without the assistance of a tech, freeing up your team's time and, once again, eliminating the need for another email. 

3) Expedite processes and reduce errors, starting with onboarding 

With an advanced customer portal, MSPs can automate most trivial manual tasks, reducing errors and allowing techs to spend time on tasks that demand more skills 

For example, built-in automation capabilities in a customer portal enable faster onboarding, ensuring clients get employees up and running smoothly while techs can avoid having to perform every process manually, saving them a significant amount of time. 

Using a client portal software makes it easier to ensure efficiency with each client's approval system. Techs will automatically be informed of requirements for approval, and you can set up multiple approvers within the system with a single designated place for approving or denying requests. You'll get email and desktop alerts when these approvals or denials occur, and tickets can automatically progress in the queue accordingly. 

4) Improve loyalty and satisfaction with customization and in-depth analytics 

There are plenty of options for customization within a state-of-the-art customer portal, including branded emails, custom menus and domains and personalized branding for the portal itself. Customer portals equipped with such features make it easy for you to provide gold-standard customer service with a personalized, human feel to every single client. 

Moreover, a client portal that offers in-depth analytics can help you build trust and provide the transparency your customers crave. They can easily log in and see the status of tickets, which tickets may be getting stuck, outstanding action items on their side and more. No more guesswork: you and your clients can see in real-time which processes are working well and where there may be room for improvement! 

DeskDirector as a Datto AutoTask and ConnectWise client portal 

DeskDirector's first-class client portal & customer success platform for MSPs offers a customer portal with native integrations to both ConnectWise and Datto AutoTask 

Integrating your PSA with a client portal software like DeskDirector gives your clients a single place to log in for more efficient communication and collaboration.  

Ready to experience the benefits of DeskDirector integration for yourself? Start your free trial today and learn firsthand how you can transform your customer service. DeskDirector Free Demo

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