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4 Common ITSM Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

April 7, 2023

More and more IT teams in businesses of all sizes are implementing ITSM and AI-enabled IT automation to manage help desk ticket lifecycles, boost productivity, and streamline internal and external communication. 

As with all new technology implementation, fears and challenges arrive when introducing something new to existing processes. For ITSM to operate smoothly at its highest level, the potential roadblocks that it brings must be addressed early on. 

Read on for the four most common ITSM challenges and how to overcome them to maximize your solution. 

ITSM Challenge #1: Untenable Agent Workload 


Challenge: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more businesses and users have turned toward online and cloud-based technology for their needs, which isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Unsurprisingly, more users are submitting tickets to report service disruption and other issues than ever before. 

The average ticket volume has risen over 16% in the last few years, meaning techs and help desks often see thousands of service requests daily. Basic-level ITSM ticketing solutions struggle to handle the sheer magnitude of tickets that overload the system, and techs cannot keep up with the firehose of service requests that end-users submit. 

Recommended Solution: Standard ITSM automation is great for businesses that see lower ticket volumes, but organizations facing a large influx should implement an ITSM solution equipped with sophisticated automation, AI-enabled tools and the capabilities to handle large amounts of data.  

AI ITSM features, such as chatbots, can help empower users to take advantage of self-service by directing them toward knowledge bases, videos, and FAQs to help them solve everyday problems. AI can also learn to manage specific tickets autonomously, while robust automation can enable complex approval chain workflows, automatic prioritization, and more to help alleviate some of that immense agent workload. 


ITSM Challenge #2: The Struggle to Prove ITSM Value 


Challenge: No one seems to notice when ITSM does what it’s supposed to, but everyone sees when it doesn’t. ITSM is essential for ensuring smooth business operations, but it doesn’t necessarily easily prove value to executives through apparent metrics. Plus, it often gets blamed when things go wrong. 

In other words, ITSM doesn’t have an influence on more significant business decisions because it’s often brushed aside as a basic necessity but not a critical tool to leverage to achieve business goals.   

Recommended Solution: Prove the value and return on investment (ROI) of your ITSM solution by implementing a tool that features robust reporting. With customizable dashboards, you can focus ITSM metrics on business outcomes that stakeholders care about rather than just IT operational output. 

For example, ITSM analytics can show how productive techs are, including how many tickets they resolve per a certain period and how this impacts CSAT, how many tickets are left unresolved, and more. But even more than factual numbers, reports can reveal significant process deficiencies.  

A dashboard may show what ticket types users most often submit, and executives can use that information to change their broader business operations to address weaknesses. Implementing robust reporting allows ITSM to prove its worth and gain a seat at the table. 


ITSM Challenge #3: Adoption Complications


Challenge: The adoption and implementation phase of ITSM comes with its own set of unique challenges. Problems such as superficial analysis of the business’s needs before adoption lead to ITSM being used for reasons that don’t align with greater business goals or prove particularly useful. 

Poor process implementation and a lack of process automation can also set up ITSM for failure immediately. Technical challenges (such as poor integration) and staff challenges (like resistance to change) can also cause problems.  

Recommended Solution:  When adopting and implementing ITSM, best practice frameworks to guide you through the entire journey. We cover this thoroughly in 5 Steps for Seamless ITSM Implementation, but for a brief recap:  

  1. Spend ample time auditing, prioritizing, and strategizing your current processes 
  2. Establish smart goals and find a tool that can meet them 
  3. Prepare your team for the coming changes 
  4. Automate relevant tasks and processes (and migrate data) 
  5. Measure results and iterate 

ITSM Challenge #4 Minimal ITSM Training


Challenge: ITSM processes and technology can be complex. Techs not only have to develop competency with the ITSM  software itself but also develop a good understanding of the entire ITSM infrastructure environment. Staff can’t always comprehend the system, train, and solve unprecedented issues independently.  

Recommended Solution: Prioritize training for anyone interacting with your ITSM solution. Many solutions allow you to create a training group with real-time training packages or offer a helpful knowledge base to external and internal users.  

Training will give employees a strong understanding of your company’s specific ITSM infrastructure, how it works, and how to implement problem-solving techniques using your ITSM tools. This will also help connect ITSM to business impacts, risks, and processes so everyone can operate on the same page, where business goals and ITSM align.  

ITSM Process Challenges: The Conclusion 


ITSM is a must-have for businesses these days, but the significant impact it can have on productivity and goals is endangered by the challenges that come with it. The right ITSM software will have built-in solutions, from knowledge bases and dashboards to AI tools and best practice frameworks, to help you address common issues and optimize your IT operations.  

Looking for an ITSM solution that will help you overcome challenges? Sign up to try DeskDirector! 


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