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3 Ways to Configure Your DeskDirector End-User Portal for Better Employee Experiences

February 8, 2024

73% of organization say better employee experience is an essential goal for their IT help desk in 2024. But the reality is most ticketing systems create as many roadblocks as resolutions – which is why ticketing adoption is still so low. 

DeskDirector’s end-user portal goes against the grain and actively empowers employees. But to unlock its full potential, leaders must configure the system to deliver a better experience for every employee, not just their techs. 

What does that mean in practice? This article explains all, including how simple configurations can produce a dramatic increase to ticketing adoption among end-users and resolution speed. 

3 Ways Custom Configurations Improve the Employee Experience  

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1. Empower users with self-service 

One of the biggest barriers to ticketing adoption is the sense of powerlessness it brings to internal end-users. Employees issue a ticket only to sit around waiting for a tech to help them – which can make them feel like it’s a waste of their time. 

40% of people prefer automated self-service systems to human interactions, and this number likely rises when employees are immersed in important work. They don’t want to break their concentration to chat with a tech – they just want their printer to work. 

DeskDirector lets you empower end-users to solve their own minor IT issues, avoid breaking concentration and save time for both workers and techs. By creating a custom a self-service knowledge base in DeskDirector, employees can access detailed explanations and guidance on a wide range of problems, from applications not working to system outages. 

While they may not always be able to fix the problem themselves, this configuration makes them feel more self-sufficient. Better still, it reduces the total volume of tickets issued for techs to triage and address.  

69% of internal tickets are resolved in one touch, indicating that the solution is relatively simple. And when employees are empowered to solve these issues for themselves, ticketing queues are reduced - and the ticketing experience is improved for employees that do require expert assistance. 

2. Simplify ticket creation

Employees are already frustrated when they issue an IT ticket, but many systems exacerbate the problem with confusing forms. Issuing a ticket becomes its own frustration, taking time out of the employee’s day and creating tension between employees and techs. 

The aim should always be to reduce the work involved in issuing a ticket and make the process as intuitive as possible – and that’s exactly what DeskDirector’s custom forms help you do. 

You can create streamlined forms that ask the most salient questions to help your techs understand the issue and are easy and quick to fill in. In tandem with request type tags, your custom form configuration makes issuing a ticket feel like the start of a solution – not just another part of the problem. 

3. Faster ticket resolution

The single biggest factor that determines how employees feel about your help desk is the speed of ticket resolution. End-users want their requests to be dealt with quickly and effectively – and they don’t want to feel like they’re left in the lurch. 

DeskDirector has proven to increase ticket resolution speed by 400%. How? Through a combination of configuration tactics that help the system automatically route tickets so that approvals are received quickly, and techs prioritize the most important open tickets.  

These include: 

  • Request types which enable the system to sort tickets and assign to the appropriate techs 
  • Ticket tags which provide extra information to automatically request approval and send tickets to the right people 
  • Tasks lists which enable end-users to see how their ticket is progressing and help techs navigate the task in a standardized, efficient manner 

The result? A seamless ticketing system that keeps end-users updated, accelerates the resolution process and ensures your employees never have to wait around too long to get their IT issue addressed. 

Deliver Best-In-Class Employee Experience with DeskDirector 

The configurations we’ve discussed are powerful, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. DeskDirector’s full suite of capabilities covers unique integrations and a range of feature to make life easier for techs, too. 

Want to join leading organizations that increased ticketing adoption by 20% with our platform? 

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