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Service Customization with DeskDirector

Posted by Poorvi Jhawar

With full access to our demo instance, you will be able to try all our features below. This is a great way to dip your toes in the water and see if DeskDirector is a good fit for you. Over here, we take you through a step by step so that you can set up the instance the way you want!

Things to remember:

  • You have your Portal, Admin Console and Tech credentials in your email through which you can access the demo instance
  • We have set up 3 contacts in the Admin Console which you can find under:Admin Console --> Search --> Contacts
  • The 3 demo contacts are: Al Alt, Bill Mott and Bob Ford which you can impersonate by clicking on this
  • The demo instance is not connected to your PSA, it has its limitations - like you will not receive any email notifications and can't set up 'PSA side of things'
  • All data is immediately deleted after your trial of 7 days 

Try to customize the Demo Server

Change logo and colors

Brand the portal as per your requirements to be in sync with your MSP. 

Admin Console --> Desktop installer (only for desktop settings)

For the web portal you can access branding through:

Admin Console --> Companies --> Branding

This helps you change branding for every company 

Set up the web logo

Avatars in DD Portal

Your clients and techs can have custom avatars to make their support experience more personalized. For contacts, you can set them up from the admin console or they can do this themselves once they log in to DeskDirector. For techs, avatars can be set up from the admin console.

Update Avataars

Custom Forms

DeskDirector Forms are a fantastic way to collect all the necessary information needed by asking the right questions upfront. In the past 10 months, there have been 77,000 custom form submissions by end users. Your technician will have all the information they need to solve the issue without the need for an expensive phone call or lengthy emails. The forms can be customized completely as per your needs and support your request types to categorize tickets. 

Video Thumbnail

Create your own custom forms




Give your clients an extra channel of support - Chat. They can initiate chat when they are looking to get quick support. More often than not, your techs can help your clients under 5 minutes. These are quick wins leaving your clients satisfied with customer service. Here is you can use chat to help customers. 

Use Chat 

Pop-up Video

The first time your user logs in, you can embed a video for your clients. Most of our clients use this as an onboarding video for DeskDirector. However, you can use it to introduce your MSP or talk about the services you provide to the end users. 

Admin Console --> Contact Tab --> Impersonate any contact clicking on this icon 


Self-help center

The Learning Center in DeskDirector is a fantastic way to educate and train your end users. You can put in your onboarding documents, important knowledge-base articles or even embed your contract and service list.  A lot of our clients also share their marketing material in the portal for up-selling. 

The setting up for the learning center is done through the Admin console and accessed and viewed through the portal. 

Admin Console -->Learning Center



After you have added a link, go back to the Admin Console

Admin Console --> Contact Tab --> Impersonate Bob Ford clicking on this icon 



Knowledge base article in the Custom Form

Avoid tickets which can easily be solved by your customers themselves. Include KB articles in the form before they can submit ticket, this ensures that your end users have done the 'basic' work. This also will lead to fewer tickets. 

This can potentially lead to no tickets like 'how do I reset my password' or 'how to set up sharepoint'

Try the feature out:

Admin Console --> Contact Tab --> Impersonate Bob Ford clicking on this icon 



Create a ticket --> Basics --> Report an incident


DeskDirector Portal and Tech are two big pillars of customer service. You will be able to access all of the above with your demo instances. To know more about how DeskDirector fits your MSP business book a call

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