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Try out an effective approval system with DeskDirector

June 18, 2019


With full access to our demo instance, you will be able to try all our features below. This is a great way to dip your toes in the water and see if DeskDirector is a good fit for you. Over here, we take you through a step by step so that you can set up the instance the way you want!

Things to remember:

  • You have your Portal, Admin Console and Tech credentials in your email through which you can access the demo instance
  • We have set up 3 contacts in the Admin Console which you can find under:Admin Console --> Search --> Contacts
  • The 3 demo contacts are: Al Alt, Bill Mott and Bob Ford which you can impersonate by clicking on this demo icon
  • The demo instance is not connected to your PSA, it has its limitations - like you will not receive any email notifications and can't set up 'PSA side of things'
  • All data is immediately deleted after your trial of 7 days 

Try the Approval System in the Demo Server

Admin Console --> Contact Tab --> Impersonate Gordon Packard clicking on this icon demo icon



Click on create a new ticket --> Basics --> Approvals --> Fill the Form --> Submit



After you have submitted the form, go back to the Admin Console

Admin Console --> Contact Tab --> Impersonate Bob Ford clicking on this icon demo icon



On the Left side of the menu

Click on Approvals --> Approvals Required --> Approve/Deny



Want to create your own Approval system? 

You can create your own approval request using your demo instance. 

Giving a user Approval Permissions

The next step is to select an approver for the company you want to enable approvals for. You can do this by selecting the user under the Contacts tab, and giving them the "Approvals" under the permission tab.

Setting up an Approval Request Type

In order to create a request type that needs approval, you just need to make a request type as usual in your Admin Console. The only difference between an approval ticket and a normal request type is that the approval ticket will have the status the ticket should come in under as "Approval Required" or whichever status you have set to be equivalent to this. 

DeskDirector Portal and Tech are two big pillars of customer service. You will be able to access all of the above with your demo instances. To know more about how DeskDirector fits your MSP business book a call

DeskDirector Free Demo

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