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DD Tech Overview


Work from anywhere.

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

DD Tech is a simple to use tool from DeskDirector, designed from the ground up to make your Level 1 & 2 HelpDesk technicians more efficient in creating and managing support tickets.


DD Tech is easily accessed via browser, it doesn't need to be installed on machines, and works on most devices. That includes desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.


Watch the video below to see what working on a ticket looks like on different devices.


Ideal for remote work.

DD Tech is the perfect solution to working remotely as it allows techs to perform all their essentials tasks without missing a beat.


Allows your users to be seen and heard.

DD Tech together with its most powerful add-on component DD Chat & Broadcast gives you additional tools to communicate with your users.

Broadcast will send out targeted, important updates to everyone eliminating the need of phone calls and email chains.

Chat gives you a clear advantage in servicing your clients when they need to talk to you the most, without disrupting the work of your technicians. Win win.


How to set up DD Tech.

DD Tech UX/UI is designed to be intuitive and with very little learning curve. What you see is what you get in its elegant simplicity.

Our documentation has a whole area dedicated to DD Tech, from a brief explanation on what to expect to more specific topics.


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