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Chat for DD Tech


Chat is part of the DD Chat and Broadcast add-on component.

Chat is a fully integrated communication power tool that steps up your customer experience game. It syncs with your PSA and created chat logs that automatically get attached in your service tickets.


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Chat from Portal Ticket

Talk to any client, from anywhere.

When directing phone calls and sending emails just doesn't make the cut, chat comes into play.

With chat, clients will always find a way to reach you when they need them the most. One of the strengths of DeskDirector is its high levels of customization. Chat is not an exception.

Chat isn't just a window to connect you and your users, it's a fully functional tool designed to facilitate your work.


Set Permissions

Enable chat to all users, to some companies, or to just some individual users.

Pre-Ticket Chat

Option to allow users to start a chat with a technician before they log a ticket within the Portal.

Call Me Back

Option that allows users to request a call back if they contact you out of office hours, or for when it gets busy.


Customize chat workflows by calling webhooks whenever a chat session is created or updated.

Tech presence

Change presence when logged in as a technician, from online to away, busy or offline.

Chat History

Chat creates chat logs against new and existing tickets, and has a history section accessible within DD Tech.


Give your technician an advantage with Chat

Chat looks great both on Portal side and on Tech side.

It's intuitive and it seamlessly integrates with the ticketing system (and your PSA).


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