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Can you tell me who you are?

September 12, 2012

Nothing annoys and alienates a customer faster than asking for information the customer expects you to already have.

"Who are you?", "Can you tell me what machine you are working on?" can be red flags to the bull.

The customer has called to tell you about their problem and now you are giving then more to think about.

DeskDirector for ConnectWise has six tricks that let your techs know more about your customer without asking them anything:

  1. Auto Login
  2. Auto Registration
  3. Configuration tracking
  4. VIP management
  5. Chat
  6. RMM integration


If the user is logged into Active Directory we will use those credentials to automatically log them into ConnectWise  and look up their details there.

Auto registration

If the user is logged into Active Directory and we can't find them in ConnectWise then we will automatically add them for you using all the data we can get from Active Directory

Configuration tracking 

DeskDirector for ConnectWise is a portal app so we can report the name of the machine the user logged the ticket. 

We look up that configuration in ConnectWise and attach the configuration to the new ticket.

VIP Management

If the customer is in the VIP group in ConnectWise the engineer will be told and a special VIP status set.


Our Chat system is built directly into the DeskDirector so we can surround the chat thread with all the information that we have collected into ConnectWise about the customers, their computer and their problem.

RMM integration

DeskDirector knows what computer the customer is on so naturally we are going to put a link to remotely manage that computer. 

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