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Scheduled Server Maintenance

February 17, 2017

DeskDirector will be carrying out some server updates, please be aware of what this means for you. 


On Monday the 20th of February, and on Tuesday the 21st, we'lll be doing some scheduled maintenance early in the morning (8:30am to 11:00am, New Zealand Time).

Please be aware that during this time, our service may be unavailable or unreliable, so plan accordingly. Chat will also be down during some of this time. 

So what does this mean for you? 

If your Deskdirector instance is based in US1 or US2, then your service will be down on Sunday 19th 1:30pm to 4:00pm CST

- If your DeskDirector instance is based in AU, then your service will be down on Tuesday 21st of February from 6.30am until 9am AEDT

- Chat will be down for all on Monday 20th of February from 8.30am until 11am. We will also have a second server outage for our chat server in a few weeks, but we are still to confirm the date. 

Click HERE to see the Server Update Time in your timezone if you are on US1/2 and for chat.

Click HERE to see the Server Update Time in your timezone if you are on AU1.


How do I know if the server update will affect me? 

If your instance is in one of the servers that will be updated, you would have received an email from us, but you can also check which server you are on by following this guide.


You can follow our support twitter (@Deskdirector2) for any updates regarding the maintenance, and you can always email support@deskdirector.com if you have any queries or concerns. 


Catalina Ramirez

Written by Catalina Ramirez

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