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DeskDirector Partner Webinar, 15.1 is coming

March 17, 2015

In last week's partner webinar we introduced all our Autotask and ConnectWise partners to what's coming in DeskDirector 15.1. You can watch the full recording below.

Highlights of the DeskDirector 15.1 release;

Brand new web interface

  • Brings almost all DeskDirector features to the web
  • Chat is coming at the end of April
  • Works on mobile, tablets, PCs and of course Apple Mac

New Chat engine

  • A complete new real-time communication engine with more robust connection management
  • Full chat history will be available to the client's and your team
  • Support for multi-party chat
  • Supports multi-device chat, so client's can chat from anywhere
  • Targeted chat queues so you can direct chat to the right team

The new 15.1 Client Console will require client computers have Microsoft.NET 4.0 installed. There is a good chance it will be, but you will need to check this ahead of time.

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