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The New Homescreen in The Staff HUD | DeskDirector

September 17, 2014

In this One Minute Wednesday we take you through the new Home screen in the Staff HUD.

The home screen allows Admins to be able to access the Admin Console (CW Admins only), Deployment Portal (CW Admins only). While the remainder of your team have quick access to the DeskDirector Knowledge base, blog and website.

This came from feedback from you guys so we are very happy to have included this feature in 14.2.

Check it out and have a great week.


Video transcript:
Hi, welcome to another one-minute Wednesday. We hear from a lot of you that you really love the new home screen, and our staff heads-up display. Its ability to give you easy access to the admin console and the other parts of DeskDirector. But you can’t always find it. So let’s take a quick look.

To access the home screen from anywhere inside DeskDirector, all you need to do is click the home button from the top, left-hand side. Here at ConnectWise admin, you will be able to see the admin console and the deployment portal here. So you can quickly access the admin console—no need to log in, or even the deployment portal to create e-versions of DeskDirector. Other staff can easily access the knowledge base, our website, or even our blog.

I am sure you’ll agree that’s pretty cool, and like a lot of the features in DeskDirector, that’s come from partner feedback. So feel free to head over to KB.DeskDirector.com and submit your suggestions for other great features. Have a great week. Bye for now. 

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