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Important Communication for HUD and WPF Users

May 30, 2019

We will stopping support and development on HUD and WPF products starting from the 1st of July 2019.

While this doesn't mean that the products will stop working on the cut-off date, that may eventually happen in the future.

DeskDirector is growing by the day, we have extremely exciting features that we are working on and we are rolling out continuously!

This is the perfect chance for you to upgrade to latest version of DD Portal – it can be done from the Admin console, here’s the relative link /admin/ddportal/default/configuration.

Just as an example, the latest version of the DD Portal can be branded so it reflects your MSP’s persona. That way, clients landing on your support portal will get a much clearer experience with your MSP and they will recognize your brand for support.

When setting up/changing branding it will take a few hours for the installer to be ready.

Getting Started With DD Tech

 Our support team is always available should you need any help with uninstalling WPF.

Everyone who is still relying on the Service Radar inside HUD – we have released a solution inside DD Tech. Please get in touch with support if you need help with Service Radar.

Contact Support


Serena Cappellini

Written by Serena Cappellini

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