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Getting tickets approved

August 3, 2018

If you are in the MSP game you will often have customers who want to approve certain jobs before they get done.

Somebody working for your customer asks for the job to be done but somebody else working for your customer must approve it.

This may be a cost control exercise in the case of causal and out-of-scope work or it may be a management discipline, like for account changes.

ConnectWise has had approvals for sometime but unfortunately it was an all-or-nothing deal. Either everything needed approval or nothing and for many, that was not practical.

DeskDirector bridges that gap by bringing effortless approval management that can be managed at a ticket-type level.

A ticket will move into the approval system depending on the ticket's portal type, i.e. if the customer selects "Change Account from their customised portal options you can send that to the approval system. If they select "I have printer problems" that can flow through without the need for approval.

We use ticket status's to manage approvals. Those tickets that require approval go into a status of "Approval required" and the tickets appear in a special list for the users that are in the DD_Approver group in ConnectWise. As you can see above, the approver has the chance to approve or decline the ticket. They are also given a chance to explain the reason for approving or declining on the ticket at the time.

The approver can quickly see if there is any approvals pending because we put a counter in a hard to miss red dot next to the approvals menu.

The person who requested the ticket can easily see that it needs approval and (later) check to see if that approval request has been processed.

You can have as many Approvers as you like at each customer by adding customers to the DD_Approvers group in ConnectWise

We also thought this would be a great feature to have on the mobile so we have built it into our mobile platform.

We think that this will save a lot of time and a lot of work for both you and your customer.



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