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6 Ways to Improve Service Desk Efficiency for Maximum Profitability

June 26, 2019

improve helpdesk efficiency

DeskDirector came into being out of necessity – there were no easy tools available in the MSP Industry to help with customer service.  

The Help-Desk is a vital point of contact for your customers – a good experience can improve customer trust and loyalty. Customers approach your help-desk when they have questions or problems, and your technicians are responsible for providing assistance.

However, it is difficult to meet all customer expectations and keep your help-desk team productive. DeskDirector offers tools to help you maintain an efficient Help-Desk Team and here is how it works:

IT Help Desk Scenario #1: Manage Tickets in One Place


Tickets act as an information center, and this plays an important role. All incidents and requests should be recorded whether it is urgent or routine. Internal requests, chat sessions, email, phone calls, portal requests – everything should first have a ticket.

When you make a habit of logging all details, you know that your system is accurate and up-to-date. Now, in theory, this is how it should be, but it is difficult to do this in your PSA, which often does not hold-up in your fast-paced environment.

DD Tech helps you create, view, edit, and close tickets from a single, user-friendly interface. It compiles all tickets from the service boards you have access to. Tickets from email, chat, and DD Portal is automatically created here. Plus, all tickets created in your PSA will automatically appear here and vice-versa. You can also attach reference files for every ticket you create.

create a new ticket

IT Help Desk Scenario #2: Regularly Update Your Customers

When your customers come to you, they are eager to get their answers. Often, they look for immediate answers, but that’s not always possible. In those scenarios, it becomes your responsibility to keep them in the loop.

Your customers can see the effort your help-desk team invests in resolving issues. Through DeskDirector, your customers are in control of tickets, with a Fastrack feature that lets them escalate a ticket in case of emergencies, close a ticket if the problem is solved, or chat with a technician about the ticket.

DD Portal syncs with DD Tech – notifying your customers when:

  • A technician is assigned
  • Notes are added to the ticket
  • Tickets change status

fast track ticket gif 

IT Help Desk Scenario #3: Inform customers of critical outages

It is a Monday morning, and one of your customers has had a company-wide email outage. You realize the problem and want to inform everyone in the company before your phone starts ringing off the hook.

With DD Tech, Broadcasts you can notify your customers of critical outages and important messages. They’ll get a desktop notification; it appears in the portal and only disappears when dismissed by the customer. Your tech can also schedule Broadcast and can end it when the problem is solved.


IT Help Desk Scenario #4: Automate ticket responses

The efficiency of your help desk is based on the overall management of all service boards, with automation at the center of your organization. Often, your help-desk team wants to automate ticket responses further.

Your customers ask you to either reset their password or recover their password – something they should be able to do by themselves.

Help-desk technicians can empower self-service by pointing your customers toward the right knowledge base article. You can also ask them to inform you of any troubles they face in this process. This helps an MSP to:

  • Respond to customers immediately
  • Close tickets faster
  • Increase help-desk efficiency 

automate ticket responses 

IT Help Desk Scenario #5: Schedules & Meetings

Your dispatcher is responsible for planning and managing technician time effectively. The dispatcher needs to make sure that all the techs have enough work to do so that they are not overburdened or spending time on figuring out what to do next. Here, the dispatcher can play a huge role to make your tech team effective.

DD Tech has a Schedule tab that gives your technicians easy access to their calendar without having to reach out to your PSA. They can easily get to the next ticket in one click and view the upcoming meetings/schedule related to a ticket in a single location.


IT Help Desk Scenario #6:Time Capture

Every time your technician is working on a ticket, it should be captured, every single time. This gives you a great overview of billable hours and the time spent on a ticket. It also gives you a chance to remove all the inefficiencies associated with the help-desk team. However, time capture depends on your tech filling in the time sheets. Often, your technicians leave it out, and the time entries are highly inaccurate. DD Tech captures time automatically, the clock starts when they are working on the ticket and pauses when they navigate away from the ticket, giving the tech an accurate time entry. It is a one-click time entry, ensuring techs are submitting the right time.

time capture

For a lot of MSPs, help-desk is the most profitable department and you would certainly like to make the most of it. See how DD Tech makes your Help-desk efficient and help you grow your MSP business.

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Poorvi Jhawar

Written by Poorvi Jhawar

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